SIGA moves to implementation phase with robust organisational structure in place

31 January 2018; Rome: The Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) General Assembly today ratified the election of Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros as CEO and elected the SIGA Council, as the coalition strengthened its operational structures and moved to a new implementation phase.

The SIGA General Assembly approved Macedo de Medeiros as CEO by acclamation following his election by the SIGA Interim Council on 11 January 2018.

Speaking following his election, SIGA CEO Macedo de Medeiros said:

“I am humbled and honoured to be part of this collective project. SIGA has been my life since November 2015 and I pledge my full dedication to our cause over the next four years. We have achieved so much in the last two years but from now on we will be organised and more structured than ever before. Together, we will shift the discussion from talking about problems to finding solutions and implementing reforms.”

The SIGA General Assembly also elected the new SIGA Council, including the Vice-Chairs, by acclamation. The SIGA Council is composed of:

  • Javier Tebas, La Liga (Sport) – SIGA Vice Chair
  • Michael Robichaud, MasterCard (Business) – SIGA Vice Chair
  • Ramil Hasanov, Turkic Council (International Organisations) – SIGA Vice Chair
  • Mohammed Hanzab, ICSS Insight (Civil Society) – SIGA Vice Chair
  • Cleanthis Georgiades, KOA (Government) – SIGA Vice Chair
  • Brian Lewis, CANOC & TTOC (Sport)
  • David Luna, Luna Global Networks (Business)
  • Densign White, IMMAF (Sport)
  • Eddie Marshbaum, QUEST (Business)
  • Ian Smith, ESIC (Sport)
  • Frederic Thiry, ADIT (Business)
  • James H. Cottrell, Deloitte (Formerly) (Business)
  • Rick Mcdonell, ACAMS (Business)

Under SIGA Chairman Frattini’s proposal, the General Assembly also approved the following co-opted members for the Council:

  • Angela Melo, UNESCO (subject to completion of internal formalities)
  • Salam Al Shawa, Qatar Airways
  • Cindy McCain, McCain Institute
  • Shellie Pfohl, US Center for SafeSport

SIGA Chairman Frattini said:

“Today’s General Assembly marked a critical moment in SIGA’s history. Today marked our start up. We have moved from a preparatory phase to an implementation phase. We will now show we are honouring our commitment to implementing what we have promised. With the election of our CEO and Council we have all the necessary instruments to move to action and to make a real contribution to ushering in a new era for sport.”

During the General Assembly, SIGA outlined the strategic priorities for 2018, which include the addition of Youth Development and Protection of Minors as a new pillar of SIGA alongside Good Governance, Financial Integrity and Sport Betting Integrity.

As part of SIGA’s new implementation phase, initiatives include:

  • Developing Universal Standards on the new SIGA pillar, Youth Development and Protection of Minors
  • Launching an open and transparent tender process for the development of the SIGA Independent Rating and Verification System which will assess organisations’ level of implementation and encourage and incentivise organisations to adopt the Universal Standards
  • Creating a SIGA Database and Knowledge Centre which would be made available to all SIGA Members and Supporters and would equip them with the tools needed to enhance their integrity standards
  • Launching the SIGA Membership Benefits Programme which will help SIGA not only communicate the broad set of benefits it brings to its members but also allow SIGA to better understand the needs and priorities of its members so it can help them achieve their goals
  • Increasing the number of early adopters of the Universal Standards
  • Organising two SIGA Youth Forums
  • Reviewing SIGA Statutes