Brussels, 21 June 2018 The Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) has just taken centre stage at the European Parliament.

Hosted by the Intergroup on Sport, several Members of the European Parliament, including Marc Tarabella, Bogdan Wenta, Norbert Neuser, as well as senior representatives from the European Commission and the world of sport, addressed the current integrity challenges facing the industry and expressed support to SIGA’s reform agenda.

During the event, SIGA CEO, Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros praised the contribution given by the European Parliament and the European Commission to foster closer relations between the European Union and the world of sport, and thanked the participants for supporting SIGA’s vision, mission and proposed reforms.

Concluding the session, SIGA CEO Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros stated:

The sport industry is at a crossroads. Working in silos is not an option!

Rather than just dwelling on the problems, blaming the global scale of the threats and lamenting the lack of legal instruments and concerted action at global level, what we need is action. Meaningful, resulted-orientated, concerted action. A true united front for sport integrity!

In this sense, today was a positive step forward. We welcome and indeed appreciate the support and the shared commitment of the European Institutions and their willingness for closer collaboration with SIGA.”

Bogdan Wenta, Member of the European Parliament and Vice-Chair of the European Parliament’s Intergroup on Sport, and host of the event, stated:

As a former handball player, coach and manager, I am very much aware of the importance of fair play, both during the game and in sports management. The manipulation of sporting events demoralises athletes and discourages audiences. This is why the European Parliament Sport Intergroup provides a forum for exchange between the different stakeholders and means of support for proper regulations ensuring integrity and good governance in sport. We are willing to collaborate with SIGA in moving forward a reform agenda for better governance and enhanced integrity across the industry.

Antonio Silva Mendes, Board Member, Sport and Citizenship Think Tank and former Director of Sport at the European Commission stated:

SIGA has come a long way in a short period of time. Congratulations are in order for the work achieved to date and its vision beyond.

 As the former Director of Sport for the European Commission I am convinced that SIGA has a crucial role to play as a key convener of all relevant stakeholders within the sport industry to lead global reforms and spur cooperation, not only between organisations, but also at policy level. I encourage SIGA to continue working closely with both the European Commission and the European Parliament to meet the challenges ahead.”