SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance 1️⃣ week to go! 🇺🇸 Register now for the @SIGAlliance Special Session on “Youth Development in Sport: Countering Abu… 13 hours ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance A BIG THANK YOU to our growing Members @SIGAlliance for their in-kind and financial contributions in 2017. As a uni… 18 hours ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance Join us at @SIGAlliance Dinner Debate on "Youth Development in Sport: Countering Abuse & Trafficking of Minors" in… 2 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance .@SIGAlliance participated in the #anticorruption event at @ChathamHouse with @David_Cameron & @MaggieMrphy. Greate… 2 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance 🔔SAVE THE DATE! 🔔 @SIGAlliance Sport Integrity Forum IV United Nations Office at Geneva @UN 26 July 2018 (09:00 -… 2 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance 🔔Thank you to @MDCollege for hosting the @SIGAlliance's Special Session on "Youth Development in Sport: Countering… 3 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance RT @scopelandboxer: This time last week I had a great experience speaking in European Parliament on women in sport. Also got to meet some r… 3 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance 🔔JOB ALERT 🔔 @SIGAlliance is recruiting a Head of Comms, Media and Events. If you are passionate about sport & valu… 3 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance RT @McCainInstitute: Heather Fischer, the Institute’s new Human Trafficking Program Manager, will be #InTheArena next week, speaking at @SI 3 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance “The McCain Institute is committed to preventing and ending trafficking in all of its forms, but we cannot do this… 4 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance RT @traceytrudeau: Deeply respect Halah for her leadership & groundbreaking efforts + Karim for his professionalism in sharing this importa… 7 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance "Sport integrity is under threat & only joint action through a platform such as SIGA will allow to overcome challen… 7 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance “All forms of human trafficking should be taken seriously by all communities. Children are often the most vulnerabl… 7 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance At @SIGAlliance we are committed to promoting good governance and fighting gender discrimination in sport. Join our… 1 week ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance “Abuse of minors in sport is a massive betrayal of trust and an attack on the fundamental values of sport. It must… 1 week ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance “For centuries, sports have been a vehicle for changing lives. That’s why sport is key to solving the exploitation… 1 week ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance RT @scopelandboxer: Today I had the amazing opportunity to speak at European Parliament about empowering women through sport. Met some incr… 1 week ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance RT @lelosyv: Le @sportintergroup @VRoziere @SantiagoFisas soutiennent le sport féminin. Excellente contribution de Nadine Kessler @UEFA @Eu 1 week ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance RT @julie4nw: I ❤️my job - a few weeks ago I met @scopelandboxer at #Manchester International Women’s Day event - this week I brought her t… 1 week ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance @EmanuelGsc demands countries to respect UNODC Anti-Corruption Convention and criminalise corruption and match-fixi… 1 week ago

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In November 2015, 20 organisations came together to create an informal coalition to lead an international private-public partnership to tackle the numerous and urgent governance challenges facing sport. The group included sports bodies, governments, anti-corruption NGOs, inter-governmental organisations, and commercial partners. Over the past sixteen months, the informal gathering has grown to more than 80 supporting organisations. Today SIGA is a worldwide, independent, neutral coalition, legally incorporated under Swiss law as a non-for-profit association, led by the sports industry and supported by key stakeholders.

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