SIGA attends 20th anniversary of CoSMoS

A delegation from the Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) led by SIGA Coordinator Emanuel Medeiros, yesterday concluded a series of important discussions with French and international sport stakeholders gathered in Paris on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Conseil Social du Mouvement Sportif (CoSMoS).

CoSMoS, founded in 1997, plays a leading role in the field of social dialogue in France, being the largest umbrella body in France. Representing the employers’ interests in the sector of sport, it brings together over 4,000 national stakeholders. Members include the Fédération Française de Tennis (FFT), the Union des Clubs Professionnels de Rugby (UCPR) and the Union des Clubs Professionnels de Handball (UCPH) and many others.

SIGA, invited as a guest of honour, joined high-profile stakeholders from the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF), the Union of French Professional Football Clubs (UCPF), the French Sports Ministry and other national sport umbrella organisations to celebrate 20 years since the establishment of CoSMoS and the work it has undertaken with the sports organisations in France over the past two decades. The SIGA team held positive discussions with senior officials from CoSMoS, including President Philippe Diallo and Director General Alice de Roffignac, as well as French Minister of Sport Laura Flessel.

Speaking after the event, SIGA Coordinator Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros said:

“I would like to congratulate Philippe Diallo and the CoSMoS team on their 20th anniversary, a fantastic achievement for this excellent organisation. I am also impressed by the vision and the work being developed by the Minister of Sport Laura Vessel. We have shared priorities as far as sports governance and integrity are concerned, and will work together. We need France, its sports movement and indeed “la Francophonie” with SIGA, to help lay the foundations for a deeper level of integrity, transparency and good governance throughout the sport industry.”