With the aim of addressing much-needed reform in the integrity and governance of sport, leading organisations from across all sectors of the industry formed a Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA).

As an independent and neutral coalition involving international stakeholders from across multiple industry sectors, SIGA has been launched with the sole purpose of protecting the integrity of sport and will work to drive forward key reforms across good governance and financial transparency in sport.

Why is there a need for SIGA?

  • Sport has never been so popular and commercially successful, but its integrity and reputation has never been more at risk.
  • As a community of leaders, we have a rare window of opportunity to herald a new era in the governance of sport and implement a series of long-overdue reforms in the field of integrity, transparency and accountability.  We are also aware of the challenges inherent in bringing about fundamental change in an industry like sport.
  • Making radical shifts in a complex and dynamic space requires us to think more creatively, more deeply and more critically, not only about the challenges of the past, but also the opportunities for the future; and how we can ensure that sport brings the most value to our society in a new space of integrity.
  • We are all familiar with the high profile cases that have brought to light so many serious issues - reflecting years of poor governance, lack of oversight and impunity on the part of key officials and organisations across several sports - and we know that the high profile enforcement actions will continue for the foreseeable future
  • There is no part of the sports industry that will be immune to the reputational impact and risk associated with the current situation. It is indeed a crisis of unprecedented proportions and still unforeseeable consequences.
  • It is also clear that addressing gaps in governance cannot be based on simply “fixing” the current system.  The problems are complex, inter-linked and deep-rooted.  The industry must commit to moving beyond old structures towards a new and truly independent system of governance and integrity.
  • Any approach to governance and integrity must be rooted in the commitment of the industry - to own both the problems and the solutions.
  • Throughout 2015, and building on the momentum of the FITS Forum in September, ICSS Europe has consulted with a broad range of stakeholders from sport, business, government and civil society who are prepared to support a new alliance and instigate much needed change and long-overdue reforms.
  • A global, independent, neutral alliance, led by the sports industry and supported by key stakeholders, will set the foundation for real governance and integrity in the sports industry.
  • At the heart of its mission, SIGA would define, implement and monitor key reforms, principles and standards needed to bring real and lasting integrity and transparency to the sporting industry.
  • Initial ideas for the structure and composition of SIGA have been developed with stakeholder input and will continue to be refined as the work progresses, including membership, resources, strategic areas and legal status.
  • The SIGA effort is rooted in a set of Core Principles that outline the commitment of SIGA’s founding members

What is the “working” vision and mission of SIGA?

  • SIGA works towards a vision of sport played and governed under the highest integrity standards, free from any form of unethical, illicit and criminal activity, to safeguard sports values and ensure its positive impact and benefits to all citizens.
  • The mission of SIGA is to provide global leadership, promote good governance and safeguard the integrity of sport through a set of universal standards operated by an independent, neutral and global body.
  • The vision and mission will continue to be informed by stakeholder inputs to ensure they reflects the needs and intent of the founding members.

What are SIGA's core principles?

As part of their ongoing commitment, leading organisations have endorsed SIGA’s Core Principles for Sport Integrity that are underpinned by the following core principles:

  • Adhering to a zero tolerance policy towards all forms of corruption, bribery and other illicit financial activity in the sports industry and within their own organisations;
  • Committing to building capacity through the sports industry to adopt a charter of principles and a set of minimum universal transparency standards, systems and capacity building programmes in support of SIGA’s mission;
  • Promoting publicly a culture of integrity, accountability and transparency across all members and partners of the sports industry and within their own organisations;
  • Engaging with all relevant stakeholders to promote the exchange of information, best practices and tools that can be applied, adapted and integrated to facilitate change in the sports industry; and
  • Collaborating across all stakeholders to create a common sense of purpose, collaborative spirit and mutual support.

What are the next steps in the formation of SIGA?

  • Finalise Legal incorporation of SIGA
  • Finalise budget and agree short-term funding mechanism
  • Galvanise support for sport integrity fund
  • Finalise internal governance model
  • Development of operational capacity: Training, education, capacity building, Advisory / consultative and Rating System
  • External consultation on Universal Standards
  • Stakeholder engagement on Sport, Commercial sector, Government, International Organisations and Civil society
  • Election of SIGA Council Members and CEO and internal bodies

Who supports SIGA?

Key members and supporters of SIGA include the United States, Spain, Mexico and other governments; the World Bank, OECD, European Commission, UNODC, FATF, UNESCO and other leading international organisations; several European football leagues, the Commonwealth Games Federation, FIBA, EuroLeague Basketball, World Snooker, British Swimming and about 30 National Olympic Committees, as well as other sports bodies.   SIGA is also officially supported by Deloitte, PwC, MasterCard, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines and other preeminent sponsors and private sector partners, together with universities such as the Sorbonne and NGOs such as the International Centre for Sport Security. For a complete list of the SIGA supporters to date, please click here .

Who funds SIGA?

SIGA is currently funded jointly by the SIGA Supporters by contributions in kind and/or value. The SIGA ad interim Council have prepared an interim budget for the initial six months period from 1 January to 30 June 2017.

SIGA 6-Month Budget – January - June 2017


SIGA Sport Integrity Forum 2017 - Costs breakdown

SIGA Sport Integrity Forum, 30 January 2017 (14:00 to 18:30)
Photographer: £400
Moderator: £3,500
Videographer: £1200
Catering (speakers’ lunch, coffee breaks & water): £1085
Stationery: £148.20
TOTAL = £6,333.20

SIGA Welcome Reception (18:30 to 20:30):
TOTAL (catering): £1,625

SIGA General Assembly, 31 January 2017 (08:30 to 13:00):
Photographer: £400
Catering (coffee breaks & water): £835
TOTAL: GBP 1,235

TOTAL COST for 2 days = £9,193.20

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