SIGA Independent Rating and Verification System (SIRVS)


To Whom It May Concern

Monday 25th June 2018

This constitutes formal Notice that the Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) is launching a tender process for companies and consortiums to bid for the opportunity to design SIGA’s independent rating and verification system to assess and rate sports organisations’ level of implementation of, and compliance with, the SIGA Universal Standards. The SIGA Independent Rating and Verification System (SIRVS) is an integral part of SIGA’s ecosystem to usher sport and the wider sporting industry into a new era of enhanced governance, integrity, transparency and accountability.

SIRVS will be rigorous, impartial, objective and strictly independent. In order to ensure impartiality, SIGA decided to appoint a third party to operate the system for a period of three years, commencing in January 2019.

SIGA envisages the following phases in order to carry out SIRVS:

Entry in force: 2019

  • Phase 1: Pilot Projects to test SIRVS;
  • Phase 2: Sporting organisations that solicit SIRVS; and
  • Phase 3: All sporting organisations (solicited & unsolicited).

SIGA issued this Contract Notice today to several companies as well as advertising this Notice on its website at

The SIGA Council appointed an independent jury consisting of the following esteemed individuals whom will make the selection of an appropriate third-party service provider to deliver SIRVS and have oversight of the conduct of the tender process:

  • Suzanne Hayden, Former Senior Adviser to the United States Departments of Justice and Treasury
  • Pedro Machado, Head of Legal Department, Bank of Portugal
  • Frederic Thiry, Senior Vice President Business Ethics, ADIT

For more information about SIRVS please click here and the independent jury, please click here


Please see below the timetable for the SIRVS tender process:

Activity Date / Time
Issue of Contract Notice Monday 25 June 2018
Deadline for Expressions of Interest Monday 16 July 2018
Issue of ITT to all expressing an interest Wednesday 18 July 2018
Deadline for clarification questions (Clarification Deadline) Friday 17 August 2018
Jury to respond to clarification questionsWednesday 26 September 2018
Deadline for submission of ITT responses by potential suppliers (Tender Response Deadline) Monday 5 November 2018
Notification of award decision Tuesday 26 March 2019
Contract start dateTuesday 26 March 2019

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SIGA is the world´s largest coalition in the field of sport´s governance and integrity. Supported by more than 100 international multi-industry supporters, SIGA is an independent and neutral organisation whose mission is to bring about meaningful reforms and enhance the integrity of all sports through a set of universal standards operated by an independent and neutral body. SIGA is the only organisation to bring together sport, governments, academia, international organisations, sponsors, business, rights holders, NGOs and professional services companies, from every region in the world, around a common cause of fostering greater integrity throughout sport. For the list of SIGA Members & Committed Supporters, please visit

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If you are interested in tendering for SIRVS then please send your expressions of interest via email to [email protected] by Monday 16 July 2018.