In order to make the selection of an appropriate third-party service provider to deliver SIRVS, the SIGA Council appointed a panel of three independent individuals as the jury, to have oversight of the conduct of the tender process.


Suzanne Hayden , Former Senior Adviser to the United States Departments of Justice and Treasury

Ms. Hayden is a licensed attorney in the United States.  She has served as a senior advisor to the United States Departments of Justice and Treasury and the intelligence community.  She currently serves on two international advisory boards on anti-corruption and illicit trafficking.  In 2018, she was named to the Board of Trustees of the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute.

Ms. Hayden’s legal career was primarily in public practice for over 30 years: 25 years as Federal prosecutor in the United States; 3 years as an international prosecutor for the United Nations War Crimes Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in which she developed the strategy to link leadership to war crimes by “following the money”; and 3 years as an Assistant District Attorney.  Her practice included numerous international organized crime and money laundering investigations and prosecutions.  She spent approximately 10 years working with international counterparts, drafting legislation at the request of foreign governments as well as representing DOJ at the Financial Action Task Force and serving as the its first National Security Coordinator.  After leaving the government, Ms. Hayden was a senior advisor to an International Organization on anti-corruption, designing and delivering training for governments and non-governmental organizations. She currently serves as a legal strategist for an NGO engaged in combatting illicit wildlife trafficking.

Statement from Suzanne on SIRVS: 

“Sports integrity is the foundation for all games, players and organizations.  Its ripple effect, formed by transparency, good governance and financial accountability impacts those far beyond the pitch and lasts long after the game is over.  Recently, sports organizations have been called upon to promote and embody those values.  SIGA’s Independent Rating Verification System, with its rigorous measurement of compliance of universal integrity standards, offers a unique opportunity to those organizations to serve as beacons in sports integrity.  In so doing, they will meet the expectations of their public and serve society, generally.”

Pedro Machado, Head of Legal Department, Bank of Portugal

Pedro is Director Legal Services and Chief Legal Counsel at Banco de Portugal. He has been working for more than 16 years in financial regulation and banking supervision and held several senior positions, notably Deputy Director of the Prudential Supervision Department of Banco de Portugal and Chief of Staff of the Minister for Finance. He has also been FS Risk & Regulation Partner with PwC Portugal during which period he lead the financial services advisory practice on internal governance and risk management. In the field of sports, Pedro has integrated the management board of C.F. “Os Belenenses” in 2008-09 and has been a member to its general council until 2016.


Statement from Pedro on SIRVS:

“Sport is undergoing serious challenges which, if not properly and proactively addressed, risk hampering its values. For sport to continue being one of the powerful drivers of humanity it has to be steered with integrity. SIGA represents a truly unique endeavour to address such a concern. It brings together a diversified array of actors bound by the commitment to contribute to preserving and, in some instances, to restore sports integrity. In order to accomplish its mission, it is of the essence that SIGA disposes of tools which enable a meaningful and effective implementation of its integrity standards. The launch of the SIRVS tender procedure represents a milestone in SIGA’s ambitious undertaking”.

Frederic Thiry, Senior Vice President Business Ethics, ADIT

Frédéric Thiry is a senior corporate counsel with international expertise in brand protection, compliance and litigation. Frederic has over 20 years of experience in leading cross-cultural teams of legal counsels, consultants and investigators to address anti-fraud and compliance issues, developing compliance policies and related trainings for company personnel and consultants.

Frédéric currently works as the Senior Vice President Business Ethics & Compliance at ADIT, a leader in the Strategic Analysis sector, where he assists multinationals and SMEs in implementing global compliance and anti-fraud programs, including risk assessments, anti-corruption policy and procedure design and testing, designing anti-fraud and business ethics training and education.

Statement from Frédéric on SIRVS:

“More than the endless set of rules that they are often portrayed as, integrity, transparency and compliance are a state of mind. In today’s world, these cardinal values must be part of the DNA of any organization, particularly sport ones. The launch of SIGA’s SIRVS is the best opportunity for sport organizations to demonstrate that they are up to the challenge and in tune with public expectations.”