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SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance “Today we heard from athletes & sports business women from as far a field as USA 🇺🇸, Palestine 🇵🇸, France 🇫🇷, Kosov… 2 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance .@EmanuelGsc CEO, SIGA presents preliminary findings on the female representation of executive committees of intern… 2 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance Pro boxer, Commonwealth Champion and SIGA Global Female Mentor Stacey Copeland speaks of how gender should never be… 2 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance RT @madamWebby: Very cool to be speaking today in the very hot Parisian host of this SIGA Special SIGA Session on Female Leadership in Spor… 2 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance RT @clairesads: Brilliant start to the @SIGAlliance conference this morning #womeninsport 2 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance RT @FAMilliat_en: #SIGAWomen - Beginning of the Panel 2 "Women in sports business - creating value" especially with a presentation of the i… 2 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance RT @FAMilliat_en: #SIGAWomen | Panel 3 "The Future - Finding Allies"! Let's work together to improve the female leadership in sport governi… 2 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance RT @madamWebby: Great to share experience of being a female leader in sport on same panel and be reunited with former IOC colleague @delmou 2 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance RT @USEmbassyFrance: @USEmbassyFrance est heureuse d’accueillir à Paris notre partenaire @AthletesForHope et Ashleigh Huffman de @docta_ash 2 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance Asma Al Thani, Director of Marketing & Communications of Qatar Olympic Committee speaks about the power of sport in… 2 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance RT @NOCKOSOVO: @eldagjoka po ligjëron në sesionin e @SIGAlliance me temën: “Lidershipi i Femrës në Sport”👉 #SIGA #S 2 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance “We would like everyone to join the movement and become either a global female mentor or apply to be a mentee to cr… 2 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance “Events are not events themselves. They are opportunities. Opportunities to dare to challenge the status quo and ch… 2 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance “In the words of @BillieJeanKing if you can see it, you can be it.” Shellie Pfohl #SIGAwomen 2 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance “How can we utilise the media to help bring this change in sport? Media exposure is critical as we need visibility… 2 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance “Women shouldn’t have to beg for what they can earn. Let’s be strategic, become allies and see what it can bring an… 2 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance “Imbalance of power can happen in many ways in sport and we all need to be aware of that and make sure we are all l… 2 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance Next up is ‘Panel 3: The Future: Finding Allies’. This panel will discuss how to ensure the conversation continues… 2 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance “The future of fashion is sport. Sport fashion is now a huge industry with celebrity wrapping & brand benefit acros… 2 days ago
SIGA SIGA @SIGAlliance “We shouldn’t have imposter syndrome as women. Women should feel that they can apply for corporate governance posit… 2 days ago

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In November 2015, 20 organisations came together to create an informal coalition to lead an international private-public partnership to tackle the numerous and urgent governance challenges facing sport. The group included sports bodies, governments, anti-corruption NGOs, inter-governmental organisations, and commercial partners. Over the past sixteen months, the informal gathering has grown to more than 80 supporting organisations. Today SIGA is a worldwide, independent, neutral coalition, legally incorporated under Swiss law as a non-for-profit association, led by the sports industry and supported by key stakeholders.

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